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Book description

The 324-page book is published in English and measures 6 x 9 inches in dimension.

  • Overview

    On an amazing fashion week afternoon in Accra, Akua Sakyibea Asabea somehow survived every young woman’s worst nightmare at the hands of the biggest icon in Ghana’s fashion and entertainment industry. No one expected that her vengeance would bring a nation down to its knees.

  • Book Statistics

    Inviolable has 324 pages formed by 3,857 paragraphs of 123,223 words.

  • Details

    Inviolable is a fast-paced thriller, an ever-shifting combination of mystery, action, adventure sequences and legal drama, with political undertones.

  • Reading Time

    On average, reading time for Inviolable is six hours.

Sneak Peek

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About the Author

JayJay D. Segbefia, born in May 1982 during the reign of terror of Ghana’s Provisional National Defense Council, is the pen name of an entrepreneur, a leading outdoor adventure operative, a writer, an expedition navigator, a Mandela Washington Fellow, a husband, a father, a survival reality show host and a trained journalist.

  • I'm not your quintessential reader, but when word got out of a thriller set in Ghana, I reached out for a brain-smacking, fast-paced, unforgettable copy of the Executive Hallucination. After Wakanda, goodness knows we all needed another African super-hero, and the characters in the book fit the description!

    Kojo Oduro
  • What an absolute page-turner! In-depth and captivating, the author takes you on a journey of breath-catching experiences through the dark days of post-colonial West Africa and weaves the story in settings that add up to a very coherent narration.

    Aisha Adelah
  • Executive Hallucination is a suspenseful, imaginative historical fiction which keeps the reader on the edge even after they have finished the book. The characters still live on in your imagination afterwards, and you can't help going back to it time after time.

    Emmy Asante
  • This is a captivating story about West African power struggle and a brother's love for his twin sister. I could hardly put the book down once I started and was literally transported to the scenes in the story. This is a must-read for lovers of thriller.

    Gifty Serwaa Mensah
  • The author creates relatable characters and arranges the plot in ways that keep you glued to the end. It also encapsulates my favourite themes in a novel: suspense, adventure, and the right dose of romance. And the book keeps calling me back to read again.

    Maame Dor

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